About Us


Alastair Humphreys has eaten in almost half the countries on Earth. A voracious traveller and a devourer of travel literature, Alastair is an adventurer, author and keen photographer. Prior to his A to Z odyssey, Alastair listed his favourite cuisines as Lebanese, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, and Georgian. He is currently planning a journey to the Empty Quarter desert. The food will be terrible.

Tom Kevill-Davies

Tom Kevill-Davies, aka The Hungry Cyclist, loves nothing more than riding his bicycle and eating. As a food explorer, journalist, author and occasional photographer, Tom spends as much time as he can cycling in far-flung places seeking out the most delicious and interesting food he can find. His pedal-powered quests have taken him up the Mekong River, through the Americas and around Taiwan, but Tom can’t wait to get his teeth into London’s world of food.

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